Our Farms


Sweet Potatoes Australia is a joint venture between Bundaberg’s largest producers of sweet potatoes, Greensill Farming and Holt Farming.

With our combined management of prime farming land across multiple locations in the Bundaberg region and our state of the art pre-packing facility, Sweet Potatoes Australia are able to reliably supply the major markets domestically and internationally all year round.

Sweet Potatoes Australia proudly offers a stable, transparent supply chain from our paddock to your shelves – and ultimately to the consumer’s plate. 


Our farms grow varieties of gold sweet potatoes that dominate the market due to their highly desirable eating and cooking qualities.  Sweet Potatoes Australia also grows and produces Red Murasaki variety of sweet potatoes.

Packing & Distribution

Our Value Add and Packing facilities are equipped with modern equipment for efficient washing, grading, cooling and storage.  We have various packing formats from crates, cartons and bins as well as various pre-pack sizes – currently 1kg & 1.5kg bags.

Cropping & Production

Crop management and soil care practices allow Sweet Potatoes Australia to consistently produce high quality sweet potatoes. Accurate forecast data ensures that we meet our customers’ expectations on time, every time.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance process ensures that all sweet potatoes leaving our facility meet or exceed Australian and international food standards.