Frequently Asked Questions

Are the microwave bags BPA free?

Yes. Sweet Potatoes Australia use microwave bags that contain no BPA.

    Can the microwave sweet potato bags be recycled?

    Yes.  The bags we use are recyclable through the REDcycle initiative.  For more information please see the REDcycle website.

      Where can I find out more information about sweet potatoes?

      Sweet potatoes are a versatile and nutrient packed vegetable.  For more information on our sweet potatoes click here

      Why do some sweet potatoes split during cooking?

      Occasionally the skin of the sweet potato will split during the cooking process, and you may even hear this happen. Make sure you check the cooking instructions and adjust your microwave as you may need to cook them on a lower power setting or for less time. The sweet potatoes come direct from our farm onto your fork and the natural variation can impact on the cooking process – trust us they will still taste delicious!

      If you are looking for some inspiration for cooking with sweet potatoes, try one of our recipes.

      How can I use microwave sweet potatoes once they are cooked?

      Sweet potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables to use in cooking. They taste great in both savory dishes and sweet treats, and they are easy to smuggle into your favourite recipes. For more cooking inspiration and sweet potato ideas visit our recipe page. 

      Where are your sweet potatoes grown?

      Our sweet potatoes are grown in Bundaberg, Australia – a region fast becoming known as Australia’s food bowl. If you would like to know more about where our delicious sweet potatoes come from, visit Our Farms page.

      Where do Sweet Potatoes Australia export to?

      Sweet Potatoes Australia are the largest sweet potato provider in Australia. We currently export to countries all over the world. Visit our International Markets page to find out more.

      What is the zip lock on the microwave bag used for?

      The zip lock allows consumers to get creative and add their own flavours to the sweet potatoes in the microwave bag before cooking. It is also handy to seal any unused cooked sweet potato for storage. For more information on food safety and storage, visit the  Food Safety Information Council’s website.

      Are the sweet potatoes in the microwave bag prewashed?

      The sweet potatoes used in our microwave bag product are washed and ready to eat.  All you need to do is cook them per the instructions on the bag, serve them, and enjoy.

      If you would like more information about our sweet potatoes please contact us