Sweet Potatoes



Our Gold sweet potatoes (Beauregard & Bellevue) are distinctive in colour with a rose/ gold smooth skin and orange flesh. They are the dominant variety in the sweet potato category due to their highly desirable eating and cooking qualities. Hawaiians (WSPF) are a white skin and purple flesh sweet potato. The purple pigmentation is provided by its high anthocyanin content – a highly efficient antioxidant. WSPF are the current Australian industry standard purple-fleshed cultivar.



Crop Production

Sweet Potatoes Australia’s quality and sustainability are the results of smart crop management and taking good care of the soil. A cropping program made up of sweet potatoes, sugar cane, and watermelons gives the soil an ideal mix of crop rotations. By using cane trash for mulching, we are also able to add organic matter back into the soil and promote natural soil biology. Regular soil and leaf testing combined with trickle irrigation and fertigation, ensures plants receive the optimal blend of water and nutrition, precisely when they need it.

Other quality measures SPA implements include:

  • meticulous record keeping
  • pest scouting in the paddocks
  • a purpose built sweet potato harvester designed to avoid damage during harvesting and allowing for preliminary sorting on-board.

To ensure that our customers’ expectations are met, data on harvest dates and anticipated yields are shared with our logistics and marketing teams well ahead of time. 



Packing & Distribution

Our packing facilities are equipped with:

  • Pre-wash and pre-cooling areas
  • Fruit washing tunnels
  • Automatic size graders
  • Cold rooms

We have the capacity to store several semi-trailer loads of produce and have it ready for transportation. All produce leaving our facility meets or exceeds Australian and international food standards. We have a Quality Assurance Officer who works closely with our packing shed teams to ensure:

•           Meticulous record keeping

•           Staff members are trained in handling, grading, and procedures

•           Regular testing of both the fruit itself and the water used to wash it

•           Uncompromising standards of cleanliness are maintained

•           Only new, clean packaging is used

Finally, we work very closely with our transport partners to ensure that our produce gets to you in the same excellent condition it was when it left our farm.


Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

At SPA we recognise that taking good care of our soil is vital to our long term sustainability. Plus, given our proximity to the southern Great Barrier Reef we also recognise that we have a responsibility to minimise run-off and protect this precious asset.

We achieve these objectives through:

  • Our precision farming techniques
  • The use of tail water dams to catch and filter run-off
  • The rotation of crops and using cane trash blanketing to add organic matter to the soil and promote natural biology
  • Applying accurate amounts of soil amendments and organic products